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The Fight Hub is one of the internet’s top resources for FREE online instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing. Click here to get started.

Featured DVDs

Featured DVDs

Koryukan USA Seminar- James Clingerman

Here you’ll find footage of James Clingerman’s 1st Seminar as a Black Belt. The seminar featured 5 INCREDIBLE TECHNIQUE SETS.
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Team James Clingerman Summer Training 2009

This DVD contains RAW nearly unedited footage, to give you a true seminar experience!
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Impact Zone 2: James Clingerman Seminar

James Clingerman is back! In his second seminar at Impact Zone BJJ/MMA
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Intro to MMA with Chris Lytle

A fire fighter in Indianapolis, IN, Chris *Lights Out* Lytle is one of the most active MMA competitors out of the Midwest.

Garra BJJ Seminar- James Clingerman

In this seminar, Garra Academy students were taught elements of BJJ that all grapplers should know, but are not commonly taught.
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Colosseum Combat 11 & 12- 2 EVENT SET!

Colosseum Combat is Indiana’s premier Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fight Promotion Company.
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