Clingerman & Casias Leite Guard Downloads

What are the rarely seen techniques used by, Multi time World BJJ, Champion Lucas Leite? How does he let someone get almost completely past his guard and still get the sweep? What is "The Floss"?

You can spend months (maybe years) trying to figure it out on your own or worse yet, get swept with the Leite Guard and lose an important match. OR you can get these MP4 downloads right now.
These are 2 seminars, Featuring James Clingerman (Anibal Braga Black Belt) and Ray Casias (Robert Drysdale Black Belt) showing what few others are showing. MOST PEOPLE (even good BJJ Black Belts) DON'T KNOW this style of guard!
You will learn how to get the perfect “bite” and integrate it into techniques you already know and use.
After starting with a couple basic entries, you’ll learn the “Holy Trinity” of Half-Guard Sweeps and how to use them from Leite Guard.
These seminar explores several different ways to get to the Leite Guard, including how to get there from bad positions.
Going beyond just the basics and the Leite Hook, James teaches the “Floss” and how to sweep and submit your opponents, no matter how they try to defend to position.
One of the beautiful things about the Leite Guard is how easily it integrates into “Deep ½” and “Reverse De la Riva” Guards and so many more!

Ray Casias shows his use of the Leite Guard and how he integrates it with Deep-Half.
Check out these very easy to follow tutorials on one of BJJ’s least used methods of ½ Guard.



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