Dan Camarillo- Attacking The Arms Volume 1 On Demand Streaming


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Dan Camarillo's Attacking The Arms volume 1 On Demand

Dan Camarillo is an American Judo and Jiu-Jitsu Legend. He is known by his fans and feared by his opponents for both his powerful Judo throws and his lightning fast armbars!

Camarillo is one of the very best at Armbars!

This instructional series features several of Dan's favorite armbar setups and his unique way of finishing the armbar.

This Attacking the Arms On Demand Stream includes techniques, strategy, and methods for attacking the arms from various positions and scenarios.

Side control, S-Mount, armdrag setups, and counters are a few of the chapters you will see when you download this instructional.

This is a Streaming On Demand product. By purchasing, you will be able to stream each chapter on any device, as you see fit.