Dare to Be Fearless: The Everyday Woman’s Guide to Self-Defense vol. 1 DVD- AJ Clingerman


Self-Defense for the Everyday Woman



Dare to Be Fearless:

The Everyday Woman’s Guide to Self-Defense


We live in a frightening World, yet no one ever thinks they will be the victim of an attack.

The statistics, however, are nothing short of terrifying.

  • Every 10-15 seconds a woman is being assaulted.
  • Every 98 Seconds someone is sexually assaulted in America

It’s not about living your life in fear, but about being prepared.  Knowing what to do could mean the difference between life or death.


Will you go into Fight/Flight/Freeze?

In this instructional series we will go over how to use each of these to your benefit.

  • FreezeListen to your surroundings.  Evaluate what’s happening.
  • FlightIf you can get away, and get to safety, do it.  Do it now!
  • FightIf you have to fight, commit.


What you will learn –

Learn ways to break free from an attacker when they grab you by the wrist, from behind, or by the throat.

Learn how to escape if someone gets on top of you.

Learn how to fight back if that’s what it comes to.


AJ Clingerman is the co-owner of the Indiana Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Greenwood, IN and Endurance BJJ in Zionsville, IN.

In 2015, AJ was the IBJJF’s #1 ranked Female Masters Blue Belt, in BOTH Gi and No-Gi!

In 2017, she became International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) No-Gi World Champion, her first tournament as a Purple Belt.

She has been teaching self-defense to men, women and children for 17 years.

She offers self-defense seminars to the public, as well as, private companies.  She has worked with the IMPD, IndyGo, Indianapolis Public Library, and more!

AJ also offers private one on one lessons for Self-Defense and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in addition to teaching multiple group Jiu-Jitsu classes each week at both of her locations.

“I want you to be able to protect yourself.  I don’t want you to be a victim. It is my goal with these videos to help make you a little safer.” ~AJ Clingerman