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No Serious Martial Artist Can Be Without A Simple & Reliable System Of Grappling Defenses

Announcing the Escapes and Counters Grappling Defense System




You are one bad dude (or at least so you think) .

You’ve spent umpteen years in Kung Fu, Karate, Kickboxing, or whatever…

and you think you will have no problem with this “20 something” punk who is picking a fight with you – “this guy will be no problem” you confidently tell yourself.


What you don’t know is that this “kid” has “done a little wrestling” in high school, and on top of that, has learned a few Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves from watching YouTube and UFC.


So just when you square off and expect to land your “big knockout” punch or kick, HE TAKES YOU DOWN AND GETS ON TOP OF YOU! Dazed and confused you don’t even know what just happened as HE BEGINS TO POUND YOUR FACE INTO A PULP. In a confused panic, you suddenly realize…


“Years Of Striking Training Instantly Goes Down the Toilet As This Guy POUNDS YOUR FACE INTO HAMBURGER And Then CHOKES YOU OUT With A Rear Naked Choke!”


It doesn’t have to end up this way though. You can put yourself on the “fast track” of dealing with the most common grappling attacks with this new instructional video series:



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Meet Scott Sullivan, Author of Escapes and Counters

Scott Sullivan is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, experienced Muay Thai trainer, experienced MMA trainer, the author of numerous martial arts instructional videos, and is the owner and chief instructor of Bam Bam Martial Arts in Houston, TX..


Having trained for over 18 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, as well as with some of the worlds most well respected grapplers, Scott has acquired a multitude of techniques and grappling knowledge.
Scott has trained with the likes of Rickson Gracie, Relson Gracie, Carlos Machado, John Machado, Mario Roberto, along with a host of other grappling experts and is now passing on that knowledge to you.


Whether it is a lock, choke, or some kind of pin or hold down, it makes NO DIFFERENCE. This set will show you the EASIEST ways Scott knows of for countering the most common grappling attacks.

In this set entitled ”Escapes and Counters”, you will get Scott’s SIMPLIFIED and PREFERRED system for countering the most common grappling attacks.

Here Is What You Will Learn In This Course:

Being able to get out of a choke is a big deal – because being caught in a choke is a big deal.

This series of defenses against chokes will help you conquer and deal with the most commonly seen chokes.

This DVD will give you the technique, but its up to you to practice! LEARN THEM RIGHT AND LEARN THEM WELL! You should know these moves so well you can do them in your sleep. If you have to think about it you don’t know it well enough. If you are not 100% sure and confident you know how to do them – you don’t know them well enough.


The Simplified Rear Naked Choke Defense System:

The rear naked choke (RNC) has been called one of the most effective and powerful moves in martial arts – and rightly so. The usefulness of this choke is known to many who have had to rely on it in a real-life encounter.

But you don’t want someone using this on you!

It’s important to have a simple way of dealing with this choke. If you know what to do, it usually isn’t that hard to escape, but if you don’t – you are absolutely finished if someone catches you with it.

The Guillotine Defense Series:

The guillotine is another highly useful choke that can be used from different positions. As any experienced grappler will tell you, it is no fun at all being caught in one of these things. You can pass out quick from this move.

Fortunately there are some things you can do to prevent someone from using this move on you! In this Guillotine Defense System, you will learn a lot about defending against this choke.

Guillotines can come in different types, and this series will help you escape from those variations by telling you stuff you need to know like: where to put your hands, where to position your body when the choker sits back, how to relieve the pressure, how to escape from the “flash guillotine” and more.



Being pinned down in a kesa gatame, north-south position, or knee on the belly is no fun at all.

To be held down and “controlled” where one is not allowed to get up and move can be a very humiliating position to be in.


What can make things worse is if you are being held down in a relatively “unorthodox” way – that is not by a common sidecontrol but by one of the specialty positions from jiu jitsu or judo.


Regardless, every martial artist needs a set of escapes from these positions in his or her “martial toolbox”.


The North-South Escape Series

(Because It Really Sucks To Have A Big Guy On Top Of You!)

You can’t breathe, it feels like your chest is going to cave in, and you are helpless in getting back up to a better offensive position. Not to mention he can usually have his way with punching or kneeing your head whenever he feels like it!

When you know what to do you can change all of that. Actually the moves taught in this video are pretty effective at getting you out of this dreadful spot and putting you back into a better position of control.

This DVD will give you a whole series on how to deal with this bad situation.

The Kesa Gatame Escape Series

Kesa Gatame (scarf hold) is one of those things everyone hates to be stuck in. The pressure on your chest when you are stuck in this pin can be really draining, and if the holder has had some decent Judo training, you might have a very difficult time escaping from this hold.

The Kesa gatame defense system taught here is a systematic step-by-step approach to dealing with this hold. You’ll learn the weakness of the position and how to capitalize on it. You’ll learn how to make the holder make a big mistake that leaves you with a quick opportunity for getting away, and a whole lot more.

Best of all, the moves taught in this system are simple and effective.

The Knee On Belly Defense Series

Getting stuck with someone having their knee in your stomach can get very demoralizing real fast. Not only is it hard to escape from, IT CAN BE VERY DIFFICULT TO EVEN BREATHE AND YOU MIGHT WANT TO “TAPOUT” JUST FROM THAT ALONE.

Not to mention the fact that in a real fight, they guy can RAIN DOWN PUNCHES ON YOUR FACE and you don’t want that. This DVD will give you a good reliable system for dealing with this position.




Its a sad truth that many grappling programs ignore leglock attacks, but an even worse error is to IGNORE leglock defenses.

Don’t let this happen to your training program – leglocks are serious business and they need to be treated with respect. 


You should familiarize yourself with the various ways to counter the heel hook, kneebar, and footlock so that you can reduce your chances of becoming a victim to one of these moves.


The Kneebar Defense Series

Kneebars can come on FAST from a variety of different positions and quickly threaten the integrity of the knee joint.

But they are not unstoppable – they can be countered. Moves like “kick his butt” and “the reverse heel hook surprise” will give you some options on what to do when someone tries to put you in one of these holds.

This section of this DVD will give you a guide into the most effective kneebar defenses we know of so that you you can increase your confidence in dealing with these attacks!

The Heel Hook Defense Series

 Let’s be honest here, hooks are SCARY – nobody likes even thinking about being put in a heel hook!
 They are easy to learn and can quickly put even an experienced grappler in a very compromising position.
It’s important then to learn how to handle these sorts of attacks. This series will teach you principles like “too close – too far away” that will greatly increase your chances of successfully fending off a heel hook attack.

The “Reverse Heel Hook” Defense Series

When this is locked in, your knee can suffer serious damage with just the slightest twist – resulting in a possibly permanent injury!

There are a few very important tips that you can know however that will help you tremendously if someone tries this move on you. This section of the DVD will give you a system on dealing with this dreaded lock.

The Footlock Defense Series

Without a doubt, the straight footlock is the most commonly used leg attack out there.

Anybody with just a little grappling training probably knows this move and its pretty simple to pull off.

With the right defensive techniques however IT CAN BECOME A LOT MORE DIFFICULT FOR SOMEONE TO GET YOU WITH THIS MOVE. It’s not that these defenses make it impossible, but knowing this material can drastically increase your chances of getting out of this hold.


Having a person sitting on your chest (and punching?) can be one of the most HUMILIATING and VULNERABLE positions to be in.

Its hard to imagine a worse position to be in.

Getting “stuck on the bottom” is surely the worst place to be in a fight.

Being pinned in side control is bad too. Who wants to be held down and at the mercy of the top guy? Who wants to have to “ask” to be let up and released?

Any way you look at it, being controlled in this way is hardly a position of dominance and definitely something you want to prevent at all costs!


The Mount Defense Series

This section will teach you the best ways to deal with being mounted. Whether your opponent is punching you from the mount, or just controlling you, we will show you the simplest and most effective ways of escaping from this position.

The Side Control Defense Series

(Including the “Crowbar System” of Escape)

Side control can be tough to escape from! This section of this course however will give you a system of the simplest ways to deal with the various types of side control positions.

By learning things like our  “CROWBAR SYSTEM” you’ll be able to create enough space so that you can escape in the quickest and easiest ways possible.


YOUR ARE TOTALLY SCREWING UP YOUR TRAINING if you don’t regularly practice how to get out of the various submission locks used in jiu jitsu, shooto, and other types of combative grappling.

Even if you are a striker and primarily a “stand up fighter” you are fooling yourself if you think you can get by without learning how to get out of various submission attacks..

You are also FOOLING YOURSELF if you rely solely on the “I’ll just bite him or punch his groin to escape” tactic. The fact is that a better grappler can bite you too – and from a better position. You’d better be sure you can prevent this sort of counter if you “raise the stakes” by biting your attacker.

Better to have a system of proven defenses against the various submission locks, and that’s what we have for you right here.


The Armlock Defense Series

How To Counter Armlocks From Many Angles

Armlocks can come in a variety of ways and there are counters to each one of them. In this section you will learn how to deal with armlocks from the guard, armlocks from “face down”, the standard armlock position, and more.

The Triangle Choke Defense Series

The “Degreeable Defense Method

 A “degreeable” method of getting out of the triangle choke. This series teaches you various escape options depending on how “deep” the choke is sunk in.

The Kimura Lock Defense Series

The Lock Of The “Big Guys”

Often popular with the bigger dudes, kimura locks can rip your shoulder in a heartbeat. This section of this course teaches how to escape from the variations of this lock.

The Omoplata Defense Series

Stop The Omoplata

The omoplata is one of those fancy looking moves that actually works very well! This DVD will teach you a simple series of moves to counter this rather cool attack (including the very unorthodox “O-Toe Plata” counter!).