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Intro to MMA with Chris Lytle


A fire fighter in Indianapolis, IN, Chris “Lights Out” Lytle is one of the most active MMA competitors out of the Midwest.

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A fire fighter in Indianapolis, IN, Chris “Lights Out” Lytle is one of the most active MMA competitors out of the Midwest. Chris has fought in events all over the world since 1998! In his most recent success, Chris is known as one of the most well rounded and exciting fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Welterweight division! Chris’s exciting style has lead him to receive the UFC’s prestigious fight of the night or submission of the night bonus in nearly everyone of his bouts since 2007! In this DVD Chris will share some of the techniques and methods that has lead him to the top of the heap! You’ll also get to see Chris in a candid interview where he discusses everything from his training regiment to who he would like to fight next! In this Introductory MMA Seminar you will learn: How to throw punches the proper way. Most people throw even the most common strikes THE WRONG WAY, and they pay for it! Find out how he got the nick name “Lights Out”. What you absolutely must know from the Standing Position especially If you’re not A “Wrestler”! Catch your opponents off guard with some amazing striking to clinch combinations! Discover the secrets of using the Cage to take your opponent down EVERYTIME! Secret Tricks to get you off of the Cage if you’ve been unfortunate enough to get stuck there! Learn the choke that Chris has used to submit some of the best in the world in front of millions of viewers! Feel so confident in your escaping ability you’ll never worry about getting stuck in a bad position again! Stealthy set-ups and transitions, which will literally catch your opponent out of nowhere! Learn what to do when you get put on your back! Simple methods to slice through your opponent’s guard like a hot knife through butter! Stay out of trouble inside your opponent’s guard, while setting yourself up to pass! See a super-easy movement that will lock your triangle on like a vice! Lytle unveils his person training regimen that separates good fighters from The Elite! Plus, Get Inside The Head of An Elite MMA Fighter As Chris Lytle Lays It ALL Out On The Table, in an EXTENSIVE interview It doesn’t matter how you’re built, anyone can do it if you just know the details!

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