Kristian Woodmansee’s Favorite Things- 3 DVD Set


Woodmansee’s Favorite Things has over 50 Techniques in this 2 DVD set!



Kristian Woodmansee’s Favorite Things
Take your BJJ from DULL to DYNAMIC!


This set’s so good we wrote a song about it!

Although, “HEAVYWEIGHT” gets a lot of clout, it’s commonly believed that the smaller weight classes are often the most technical and exciting.
Kristian Woodmansee is a small Roosterweight, competing against the fastest & most technical competitors on the planet.

Kristian has sat down and put some of his favorite BJJ Techniques on video for you!

Other than a small amount of crossover with his previous sets (AP De la Riva Guard, Reverse De la Riva Guard, & 50/50), you aren’t likely to see any of these techniques anywhere else.
This is not a “compilation”. It is a completely new set filmed step by step!


Kristian Woodmansee’s Favorite Things- On Demand Stream

This outstanding set contains over 50 techniques, to add to your arsenal!

There are 7 sections for you to absorb:

  • Passes & Backtakes
  • Sweeps & Backtakes From Guard
  • Submissions
  • Drills
  • Takedowns
  • Guard Pulls

This Set is also available as a DOWNLOAD:

Kristian Woodmansee’s Favorite Things- Download


If you don’t have any other material from Kristian Woodmansee, this is a great look into his style of Jiu-Jitsu.


You’ll see what makes Kristian one of the most sought after instructors today and you’ll want to pick up his other sets.