Roll Model Camp 2020 Live Stream




Roll Model Camp 2020 Live Stream

The year 2020 has been an interesting one to say the least.  We had such big plans to run the largest women's only grappling camp in the world!  Then the pandemic hit.  Due to varying levels of comfort and health, not everyone will be able to attend camp in person.  With this in mind, and the idea that we want to offer something that is for as many people as possible, we have decided to open up camp through Zoom.  

You will have access to all four of the 3 hour seminars with amazing female Black Belts: Rachel Casias, Hannette Staack, Hillary VanOrnum, and Nikki Sullivan.
You will also be able to virtually attend our workshops on Strength Programming with Jess Sunier, Nutrition for Athletes with Natalie Boss, and Building a Women's Team with AJ Clingerman and Jennifer Risser Guthrie, as well as a Q&A session with several of the instructors!
The cost for this is only $150 and you will get a $75 coupon for Roll Model Camp 2021!  This price is good for up to two people!  You and a partner!
In order to cover the expenses to do this, there will be a minimum that we will have to reach to do this.  If we reach that minimum by Thursday August 6th at 12:00pm EST then we are on!  If we do not, we will refund you your money with our deepest apologies that you have to miss it!  With this in mind, tell your friends!  This is going to be a great opportunity!
If you are a school owner and you would like to gather people at your school for this, please contact us!