The Fight Hub Affiliate Program

Attention Martial Artists

How would you like to gain commission on nearly every single bit of Martial Arts gear your students or friends buy?

Now you can! With the FREE Fight Hub Affiliate program, you can take advantage of an existing website that offers products from major players like Gameness, Tatami, Fuji, Revgear, Defense Soap and many others!

Frankly, The Fight Hub Affiliate Program IS right for you.

The Fight Hub Affiliate Sign Up

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Are you an Academy or Dojo owner?

(Don’t worry, non-owners we have options for you too!)

Imagine your students having access to thousands of products that they want or need!

Guess what, THEY ALREADY DO! It’s called the internet and YOUR STUDENTS are shopping there. With The Fight Hubs Affiliate Program, YOU can direct them to your affiliate link where they can shop from thousands of the most popular products ONLINE and YOU GET PAID for it!

  • There is no need to stock items!
  • Your students won’t be limited to what you can carry in your Pro-Shop!
  • You make a 10-40% commission on every single purchase!
  • 1,000s of items (and growing) to choose from!
  • Trusted Industry Leading Companies, not fly by night shops!
  • You NEVER have to deal with return items!
  • We take care of all the customer service!
  • There is absolutely NO HASSLE.

You get your own Affiliate Link that you can post on any website or e-mail. You can even post YOUR Affiliate link onto Facebook and Youtube pages! Your possibilities are endless!

Dashboard. You’ll be able to keep track easily of your sales and earnings.

The Fight Hub Affiliate

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Not a School Owner?


You can be a Fight Hub Affiliate too! It’s as easy as pasting a link to your Social Media pages and promoting it. You will earn commission on all of the gear your buddies at the Gym buy through your Affiliate Link!


You could buy your own domain name (or multiple names) and point them to YOUR AFFILIATE link. Presto! No hosting charges, no hassle, just the small fee for owning the Domain name!

The Fight Hub Affiliate program


Why not have your own website that offers 1,000s of products from some of the top companies out there, AND MAKE COMMISSION ON EVERY SALE?

The Fight Hub Affiliate program does that FOR YOU!

You can:

  • Put your link on business cards
  • Post your link on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other social media sites
  • Add the link to your e-mails
  • Text your Affiliate Link to your contacts
  • Create your own website for only the price of the domain (no hosting charges)
  • Create your own product promotion
  • Run your own ads on Google, Facebook, and other sites
  • anything else you can think of!

We are basically GIVING YOU your own website, that you will use to make real money.

It’s FREE. It’s EASY! It’s a NO BRAINER!

To get started, go HERE!




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